“Faith” mixed media © by Martha Lee Phelps

“I am fortunate to own four pieces of Martha’s original artwork.  Her work means so much to me!  Like Martha herself, the artwork is vibrant, expressive and beautiful.  Three of the pieces are in my home, and one hangs in my professional office.  People often comment on their beauty and power, and I couldn’t agree more.  Martha Phelps is one of the finest artists I’ve ever known.”   ~ Carolyn A. Anderson, Attorney at Law

In addition to “traditional” types of canvas, there’s no end to the other surfaces that can be transformed into art. Please check out the new projects in the studio that are always underway!

Martha Lee Phelps original artwork has been shown in several Ashland, Oregon galleries and restaurants including 4th Street Garden Gallery, the Southern Oregon University Women’s Gallery, the Southern Oregon University Library, Helios Gallery, Witchhazel and Broom, Jega Gallery, Bloomsbury Bookstore, Geppettos’ Restaurant, the esteemed law offices of Anderson Bradley-Krant, Pangea Restaurant and Creative Fitness Studio.

“El Gallo” (Monotype)

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  1. I love the vibrancy of your photography and artwork, and the openness and honesty of your writing. I,too, am enamored with digital photography I share mostly on Facebook; as I am living with compromised vision and other health issues, I have compassion for others with a need to be in the world in unusual ways not even noticed by mainstay, healthy folks. I have a blog called Celebrate Life on Blogger, and thousands of poems on Word, not yet organized or ready for a wide audience. I’m part of the OWL writing group, and an OLLI one too on writing our memoirs. I’d like to stay in touch with you, as I find your writing very passionate and free. I began writing regularly my first year in Ashland (1986) as I faced an unplanned pregnancy and knew I needed to find adoptive parents, as I had two teenage sons, was just out of a rough divorce, new to this valley and definitely not stable financially or in any way ready to begin as a single parent at 42. It was quite a labor, followed by trips to two hospitals to have the diagnosis of twins, both 7 lb 2 oz. so I had to let go the home birth plan and have a C-section so all three of us would survive. Lara and Meagan are 24 now, real activists in their own arenas, and I’ve been in touch regularly with them, in recent years by email, occasional phone calls, and often a summer visit. It has been a wonderful journey, with challenges yes, but I never regretted choosing parents to do the huge job of parenting that I could not take on by myself. Enough! Hope to stay in touch!

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