Thanks for exploring Martha Phelps Studio and supporting the action of being creative on purpose.

Know this right up front: I have a rather untamed way of saying and doing exactly what’s on my mind. These wild ways often bring folks forward who say “I felt that too, but wasn’t sure how to express it. Thanks for showing me how.” When that happens, I know I’ve made a difference, and it inspires me to take a deep breath and dive in for more.

Career-wise I have been a teacher (in and out of traditional classrooms) for over two decades and have also worked in non and for profit sectors. If you truly want my “professional” resume, just ask. It’s definitely a much shorter path than this web site. Meanwhile, percolating under those thinly veiled disguises, I am a writer, visual artist, and photographer who loves helping people learn about and convey who they are so that they can connect with their life – on all levels – much more fully.

I am available as a freelance creative for all kinds of projects, including: art and poetry seminars for learners of all ages, web site building or remodel, community and social media marketing campaigns, copy & content & creative writing, blog coaching, visual arts commissions, and portrait photography from individuals to families and other such fun folks. Yes, I do all this, and I can dance.

be well ~ mlp



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