Thanks for exploring Martha Phelps Studio and becoming creative on purpose.

Career-wise, I have been an educator (in and out of traditional classrooms) for over three decades. At this moment (2020), I’m effectively a “retired” school teacher. I still substitute teach on occasion, which — has been a weird, sometimes rewarding and powerfully humbling way to wind down a dearly loved career. (THAT topic deserves it’s own page. Another time…..) I’ve also worked for non profit organizations and dabbled in fits of momentary madness in the business world. If you truly want my “professional” resume, just ask. It’s a short read.

Percolating under those thinly veiled disguises, I am a writer, visual artist, and erstwhile photographer who loves change, provocation, learning, building community, activism for the good of the whole, beauty in unusual forms and finding faith under rocks.

I have an untamed way of saying and doing exactly what’s on my mind. I’m not much of a speller and a wildly imperfect punctuator. It all adds up to blog site messiness on occasion. I’m not too concerned.

If, despite these bits of flaw, you read or see or sample something here that jostles a memory or bumps into your heart, drop me a line. When you share such news, its inspires me to keep chipping away, to keep building connection, and to continue working on my kitchen dance-moves.

be well ~ mlp



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