Balancing The Tide

“Balancing the Tide” – Mixed Media: India ink, prisma color pencil, watercolor, salt, sun, dirt and ivory.

I’ve been chasing this pachyderm and his rolling waves for a while now, looking for equalibrium in the medium and wanting to give him his full and proper footing in the painting.
Cross culturally, elephants aren’t just symbols of strength and power, they are also considered profoundly wise, loyal, capable of both calming the will as well as removing obstacles. They are steady, like the tide…the seasons….the ever waxing and then again waning moon….the rising sun and the breath of life.
Most days, I’d love to be more elephant-like. I’d like my grey tones to connect me to the clouds instead of sadness, my feet to be grounded and solid in the pathway forward, to believe in my purpose without hesitation and to have an enormous and steady heart.
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