Exploring The World

the orginal yellow sneaker...

As if her yellow sneakers have extra (butter-flavor,
chrysanthemum petals, sweet lemon icing
and goldfinch wings…)

she has ventured out beyond the garden –

Leaving the gate swinging in her passing.

Her pack, complete for now:
a stash of curiosity,
extra questions (wouldn’t want to run out of those),
a leaky bottle of imagination – to quench her thirst,
and a little hesitation, leftover from an earlier journey.

Inspired in her travels, she sings.

Quiet trebled quarter notes spiral and ride along the dust kicked up under her joyful step,
followed up by bellowing alto whole notes – drawn out dramatically for (bushes, soil, trees, birds, sun and sky) her audience.

From where I watch,
Her stride is an easy, swaggering, sure-footed dance of graceful tumbling movement..

move..meant…(pure happiness)
meandering… merging into,

her clear heart –
a graceful and easy, tumbling wonder of love
exploring the world
in bright yellow sneakers.

© martha lee phelps

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