about martha phelps studio

Creativity on purpose is the stuff we do at the edges of our lives – as in, that exciting, mildly scary territory or invisible boundary that is continually changing over time. It is true. The “Edge” and I are old acquaintances who are not always fond of one another but share mutual respect.

fierce joy

fierce joy

When we are truly doing what we love there is momentum, possibility and the greatest opportunity for success. Is this scary?

Sure. Otherwise, the Edge would be called “the middle, ” which is a place we are all very familiar with, though not often inspired by.

When I feel pushed from the middle, I write – or paint – or look through a lens. In fact, what lends me courage is my human desire to share.


I want to take that experience or memory that caused an edgy-sort of ache in my heart, and give it to someone else.


i have loved you a lifetime

Feel this gentle ache.

It might cause weeping – from Joy or her friend. It could make you look more closely at the world – maybe even differently. It might piss you off, light an inner fire, and give you an overwhelming urge to leave “the middle” and walk into new territory.

May these reflections through poetry, art, and photography help CONNECT you through creativity, support your own TRANSFORMATION of ideas into realities, and EXPRESS the wandering journey of self hood out on the Edge.