Blue Moon

“blue moon laundry services” by @marthaphelpsstudio.
Mixed media – monoprint, watercolor, pastels, collage, one dram of dawdle.

Getting my butt into the chair of my wee art nook isn’t always simple. I can supremely tarry at doing anything….even something I love.

“It’s true,” she admitted whilst hanging her head in shame.
Chores are my favorite flavor of “procrastinate.”

I can find roughly 7.2 mundane household chores that I feel compelled to get done for every 1 project that is a more authentic use of my time and expression of my true self.

Dishes in the sink?
Better do those first.
Checkbook needing to be balanced? Definitely better do that deed.
Kitchen floor looks awful. Sweep it now, the kitchen gods are sitting in judgment.

Yada, yada, yada…..I can dilly dally, loiter, fritter away, lollygag and boondoggle like a pro.

But today I managed to wrap this piece up. I sat down, did a little breathing to drown out the chorus of inner voices whispering and reciting the litany of “to dos” (that will NEVER end, by the way), and grabbed my brushes.

Ironically, it’s a little bit about chores….and moonlight….and the caprice of imaginary flowers.
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