One Last Sip of Nectar before Returning to the Nest

It’s an mere exhale past twilight,

and the exquisite
blue balance of heaven that presses gently down into our tiny yard — Is real.

Earlier today, in preparation
for my darling son’s nuptials
to a glorious lean and laughter-filled goddess,

we stretched golden lights across the garden where they will make their vows and take each other’s hearts.

When the sky turned to darkness, we plugged in the strand —
smiling at our handiwork, and imagining the joyful event soon to be….

In the midst of the moment,
I was visited by one small
Saint Hummingbird —
drawn to the quiet Hopefulness of it all and the lemon-sugared honeysuckle nectar

that blossoms in the glowing night.

© martha lee phelps