We All Veered Left

Suvarnabhumi International Airport Passport Control Center
Bangkok, Thailand

After winding through security and yet another long hallway with carefully placed barricades,
we trailed downward – toward

Signs at the the bottom of the escalator that told us where to go:

“Thailand” to the right.
“Foreign” to the left.

All my brain could think was “this is so cool,”

As I stood, three lines deep in humanity,

with the familiar weight of meager belongings on my back,
and my feet weary,
and my cracked open soul.

Surrounded by shades of skin
languages buzzing,
clothing of all shape and source,
body art and
jewels and
unique adornments,

Glorious humans!
so exquisite and so
perfect and so
not like me!
(Except that we had all veered left.)

All my heart could feel was
“This is exactly where I want to be.”

1 April 2018