PreShow “Ramble-sharing”


I carry a small simple sketchbook with me most of the time so that I can do, well….. small simple sketches.

Over time, the practice of including a few words or lines of prose to each rough drawing became part of the process.

By no means are either component polished. That’s not the goal.

Like playing soccer (now here’s a comparison I never dreamt I’d connect to art-making), one shows up to practice, practice, practice – in hopes that it will eventually lead to scored goals when the “real” match is played. All the time spent toward the end objective: counts toward improvement.

Unlike being a soccer player, in art – you can’t peak or injure or age yourself outta the game. If you chose, you can be at it for life. You can forever be trying previously untried techniques, sampling different mediums, collecting ideas like buttons and sewing them into new projects, chasing the paintings, and as William Stanford wrote in his poem “The Way It Is”  following the thread o your purpose as an artist.

So….my sketchbook is a practice buddy who always shows up on the field to play with me.

These line drawings were inspired by some found in Vancouver, BC – hanging on the wall of an Air B ‘n B host. I like the simple line method and goofing around with it. In particular, the paper shape of my little pad gets to play a part in the sketch.

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