June 2, 2020

If only it were this simple…. just throw up a couple of fingers and call it “peace.”
But it’s not simple.

The deep damage of racism that has been done in this country to our Black and Brown-skinned brothers and sisters is too many hundreds of years old to undo in a week or month or years…..

White Americans carry the legacy of an ugly injustice that we created and have been recreating with each new generation.
And there it is: No justice. No peace.

The work of educating, sharing, unlearning, calling out what’s wrong, listening (especially while uncomfortable), showing up, using our privilege as a building block instead of as a sledge hammer, listening, taking action, finding compassion, admitting guilt, praying, and protesting whenever necessary is an absolute must.
And it’s not just a “must” for tomorrow, but for my lifetime, indeed – for the next three hundred years.

This work is going to be hard. This work is going to test everything we thought we ever knew. And that’s just fine. This work is the only way we will ever find our way back to wholeness. This work is going to shatter hearts and ultimately (with grace) mend souls.

#blacklivesmatter #justiceforgeorgefloyd #racisminamerica#whiteprivilege #change

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