Forever and Ever

“Forever and Ever” Mixed Media: Acrylic, latex, steel, smell of that funky old junk shop at the highway crossing in Bonanza, Oregon. Canvas: Vintage Triumph TR-era Hubcap – circa late 50’s early 60’s. (Special props to my husband for spotting the pair of hubcaps tucked into a dusty corner)

My continued fascination regarding what defines art often leads me to gaze at graffiti as often as I admire perfectly orchestrated flower gardens. It causes me to oogle arrangements of food and definitely makes me guilty of selecting wine by label rather than vintner reviews.

Junk art has a special place in my heart; window frames, bits of found metal, abandoned chairs and porcelain fixtures have found their way into our yard so I can commune creatively with them. It’s not hoarding, I tell my husband, its “artistic re-purposing.”

When I vowed to give up collecting old doors (they’re rather large), hubcaps showed up. Namely old ones. Steel. Vintage. Hefty and holding memories of fast corners, squealing tires and driver’s scarves trailing in the wind. Hubcaps are not as easy to come by as one might imagine, which increases the fun factor…..

These are specialized pieces. A part of the creative trick with these little rough and tumble characters is to incorporate the hub’s original logo or name stamp into the new art. “Forever and Ever” is available and can be custom dedicated on the backside. “Willie’s Guitar” belongs to my old pal, Willie!

Custom requests are happily accepted, and discounts are available to anyone who provides their own steel hubcap. Let me know if you’re interested in supporting a living artist!