Solstice Greetings! “Women Are Heroic”

Dear Friends, I am honored to share two wonderful updates!

First, that K-Rose Productions will be incorporating my “She’s Still Here” protest art into the upcoming film of the 3rd Southern Oregon Women’s March on January 19, 2019! While these posters (and many more) are lifted up and taken to the streets, filmmaker Kathy Roselli will record protesters and messages of resistance and peaceful civil disobedience through voice and art.

With the goal and hope of getting as many of these images reproduced and distributed for in time for the Women’s March, I am asking for sponsorships of $60 – $100. All sponsors will receive a full color reproduction poster as a gift.

To sponsor, please follow this PayPal LINK or mail checks directly to Martha Phelps Studio 76 Dewey Street Ashland, OR 97520

Secondly, the entire “She’s Still Here” collection will be on display for Ashland’s First Friday of the brand new year! On January 4, 2019, Josh Pauli and Deanna Stollings of Ashland Property Management are hosting a reception from 5 – 9 PM in their wonderful space at 40 Church Street in Ashland. Please stop in!

With that, here is the 6th piece of “She’s Still Here” collection. May Harriet and her blessed heroic spirit lead you forward on the longest night of the year with light and hope.

Happy Solstice, ~ martha

“Women Are Heroes” by Matha Lee Phelps. Pastel and collage. 18″x24″

This is Protest Poster #6  from the collection “She’s Still Here”A collection of women’s protest art supporting the equal and human rights of folks from all walks of life, regardless of gender, race, origin, wealth, nationality, religion, ability, sexual orientation, identification or representation.

To learn more and become a Protest and Art Sponsor, please visit Point, Invitation & Message from mlp.

About Martha Phelps Studio ~ creative on purpose

...a meandering journal of a changing life and the unexpected graces it brings. Earlier posts may provide some history, but this series of writings aren't likely to follow a straight line as I explore topics such as raising kids, making choices, self discovery, the impact of change on a family and how to (hopefully) live with balance and purpose.
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