but, I CAN

“it’s 2018, I can’t wear short skirts, run by myself, speak my mind, open my windows when I’m alone in my home, use public transportation after 7 PM, leave a drink unattended at a party or in a bar, go out dancing with girlfriends, grocery shop at night, have another drink, be taken seriously if I’m holding back tears, lose my temper, speak out against my assaulter, walk alone at night, show any skin, let my guard down, choose my own health, or safely say “no,” but I CAN VOTE”

Mark your ballots for gender equality, equal pay, equal education, the right to choose, equal healthcare, freedom from violence, equal representation and overall equal human rights.

18 x 24 Mixed Media: watercolor, ink, collage, hellfire and blood coming out her wherever. November 2018.

Seeking an Art Patron to purchase this piece, part of a series of 8 Original Protest Posters, to sponsor the creation of free protest posters for the January 2019 Women’s March. If you’re interested in owning the original and helping art become resistance, please contact me directly.


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