the art in living

With the return to school and noticeable shift in the season, my life-duties to art-making ratio has shifted. September brings the magnetic pull of preparing the garden for autumn, managing more household chores since the BF is back to coaching, being ready to teach every morning, and dropping everything to take walks in the sunshine as often as possible since we know that winter is, in fact – coming. 


It’s all fine, but it also translates into fewer hours with pen or paintbrush in my fingers.

Funny thing is, having spent the past eight weeks devoting daily time to art-making has also included loads of art-thinking. In between sessions at the canvas, there are ideas churning. Many many ideas. 

So even though the hands-on ratio has changed, my mind continues to ponder art. 

What makes something artful?
What constitutes art?
When does an act of daily life become an act of creating?

gpibb4tITV+U7QKPmSoNowIs there art in feeding the leaven and baking sourdough bread?
Is there art in the way a lemon floats or the colors of fresh salsa? Clearly, yes.
It surrounds us in the way we decorate our homes, our bodies, our tables and plates. It shows up in the games we play and even in the way we engage with each other.

It’s constant presence eases my heart at times when I worry that I may not be practicing artistry as much as I believe necessary to live a full life.

TTfg7XIPQ6SjvT6dHtKxJg.jpgWhat common things do you do artfully?
How do you breathe art into your life like a silent and intentional prayer?
How does it hum on your lips and beat in your heart?

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