Reid Honeywell 2018 Film Reel

For those of you who know Reid well, you are aware that his launch into adulthood was temporarily delayed by some super shitty shithappens health challenges. Many of you also very lovingly ask me “How’s your son?” because you genuinely want to know how his journey has unfolded.

After receiving his degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in acting, Reid headed to LaLa land to pursue a film career. He’s currently chipping away at a fickle industry that he loves. When he’s not polishing multiple character skills, he’s adventuring with his wickedly wonderful wife, Heather and keeping himself humble and further honing his sense of humor in a night job. (Damn it – all of that alliteration was NOT intentional.)

Screen actors need resumes, headshots, social media profiles AND film reels to show themselves off. This YouTube video (film reel) is a latest compilation edited by Reid to show off bits of projects and showcase his current performance skills. Feel free to share, follow him on his public Facebook Page at @honeywellreid or Instagram @reidhoneybunches and forward along to any directors or movie producers who are your close personal friends!

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