"unfolding" circa 2012

“unfolding” circa 2012

This unique door was commissioned by good friends in Ashland, Oregon. They wanted a piece of art that would fit into their 850 sq. ft. loft apt. which is already tastefully decorated with fabulous paintings.

Essentially, there was one place left for hanging art: their entryway closet door. Keeping in mind that I didn’t want to overwhelm their small area with a full door painting, I held the design to the interior panels only.

My clients had no agenda for their art, which I appreciated. He said, “It might be nice to see a tree.” She said, “I love butterflies.” The images came to me as the brush worked its way over the canvas.

The door itself hangs in a home that was finished in 2012. “Unfolding” was completed in August 2013.