True creativity is the stuff we do at the edges of our lives – as in, that exciting, mildly scary territory or invisible boundary that is continually changing over time. The “Edge” and I are old acquaintances who are not always fond of one another but share mutual respect.

When we are truly doing what we love there is momentum, possibility and the greatest opportunity for success. Is this scary? Sure. Otherwise, the Edge would be called “the middle, ” which is a place we are all very familiar with, though not often inspired by.

When I am utterly at my edge, I write. I’ve included samples of poetry and essays here in this site, and of course “the blog” is a good place to stumble across current musings.

Need someone to help you get your point across, write down that story, develop some juicy content or simply coach you on how to step up to your own writer’s edge? Drop me a line.