The Making of a Groove

Before one can actually “get into the groove” there needs to be one in existence.

I was kindly informed by a follower yesterday that my pieces are too long. I agree, and beg allowances and forgiveness due to the infamous learning curve of one trying something new.

While I’ve read that the “best” blogs are about 250 words, I suspect that the length of my entries will fluctuate according to topic, degree of motivation and/or opinion and time. Every blog is unique and their purposes vary. I sense that one of the natures of this particular blog is that it bend toward organic and liberated spontaneity.  Because my platform is the untamed life I’m currently experiencing, and particularly the situation of having a family member with a cancer diagnosis, there’s a huge degree of “let’s see what shows up today” in this exercise (and I mean that literally, metaphorically, and on multiple levels of this blog’s purpose).

Be the entries long or short, it’s tough to fathom what insights I can possibly share, or who may be interested, or if I’m skilled and articulate enough to produce something worthwhile for another. I’m committing to this process, and although I have no idea where it will lead,  I hope it will be positive. Seth Godin he says that he believes writing a blog is “a lot like curating a sound on the saxophone. Training helps, listening to records helps, but mostly you blow a lot until you resonate and then repeat, prune, experiment, prune, repeat, prune until a groove occurs.”

I’ve started curating.

About Martha Phelps Studio ~ creative on purpose

...a meandering journal of a changing life and the unexpected graces it brings. Earlier posts may provide some history, but this series of writings aren't likely to follow a straight line as I explore topics such as raising kids, making choices, self discovery, the impact of change on a family and how to (hopefully) live with balance and purpose.
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